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Links and References – Chapter 8

Further Reading

The subjects of this chapter are covered in greater detail in our book Digital Multimedia.


If you are interested in typefaces, you will want to look at the following two books.

Typographic Specimens: The Great Typefaces

Encyclopaedia of Type Faces. (This one is apparently only available second-hand.)


The Luscher Color Test

On online version of the Max Luscher's 1969 colour test, which is concerned with the psychology of colour . Visual Design

A well-known American designer's set of notes on aspects of visual and interaction design for the Web. Rather idiosyncratic, but has a lot of links to real examples. | Your free online color matching toolbox

Nice little free award-winning online tool for colour palette design and colour matching. Results can be saved or downloaded for use in Photoshop or Illustrator.


Adobe's very own colour Web-hosted colour scheme thingy. It works much like Live Color in Illustrator, letting you create colour sets from colour harmony rules. As well as letting you create colour schemes, Kuler lets you share them with other users.