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Dreamweaver Exercise Files

The material offered for download in this section of the site is copyright. You may not publish any of this material in any form, reproduce it on public Web sites, or pass it off as your own. It is supplied for use in private and institutional study only.

Download the sample site [Zip:20.7kB]

This file includes all the resources required for the exercises on this page. When you unzip the downloaded archive, you will have a folder called DMT3-7 on your disk. If you create a new site in Dreamweaver, and set its local folder to DMT3-7, you will be able to work on the individual pages and their dependant files. You can use any of the HTML files in this folder for the "Try This" exercise on page 369, but we would recommend starting with DMT3-styling.html.

DMT3 Fig7 44 And 46

Styling with CSS

DMT3-styling.html. This is the HTML for the page used for the examples shown in Figures 7.44 and 7.46. We have removed the stylesheet completely. Add CSS rules to recreate the appearance of the page as it is shown in the Figures. Now alter the appearance as much as you can, by changing the CSS and using a different image, but without changing any of the markup at all. If you do not know enough about CSS, read Chapter 4 of Web Design: A Complete Introduction.

Tabbed Panels and Forms

DMT3 Fig7 79 DMT3-Fig7-79.html. This file contains the tabbed panels widget shown in Figure 7.79. We have replaced all the images with placeholders. Add appropriate images of your own, alter the text appropriately and try using the widget in a Web browser. Now add some extra panels and insert some content into them. See what happens if you preview the page in a browser with JavaScript disabled.

One of the panels includes a simple form. You can use this as a starting point for creating forms of your own. Paste the form into a new document and practise adding and editing input elements. Try both plain form elements and validation widgets.

DMT3 Fig7 93


The DMT3-7 site includes the simple template shown in Figure 7.93, and a page based on it called from-template.html. Create some more pages based on the template, and experiment with adding different types of content to the editable regions. Make some changes to the template and see how they propagate into the pages you have made. Try deleting an editable region from the template and see what happens.

The stylesheet is embedded in the template. Try moving the rules out into an external stylesheet and see how this affects the ease with which you can make changes to the appearance of the pages based on the template.