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This page displays a Flash preview of the “Don’t Forget” slides set for this chapter.

College lecturers and instructors are invited to download sets of slides for all of the chapters in Digital Media Tools, 3rd Edition from our downloads site, MacAvon Media. This forms part of our Services for Lecturers, available through a free MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account.

If you don’t already have a MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account, request a Lecturer’s Account now. Lecturers’ Accounts are only available to bona fide college lecturers and instructors, and all accounts are verified.

A Pocket PDF Slides set for this chapter is available from the MacAvon Media Downloads Store.

Pocket PDFs are sets of high-quality small format slides (480 × 300 pixels) in PDF format, intended especially for display on mobile and other portable devices. The Pocket PDF set contains the same slides which you can preview here.

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