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Digital Media Tools, 3rd Edition
Teaching and Learning Resources

Welcome to the support site for the practical course book Digital Media Tools, 3rd edition. Here you will find a wide range of resources for students and instructors using this book. Everything on this site is free for all to use. Additional resources and materials for lecturers and instructors using the book are available through MacAvon Media Lecturers' Accounts – please see the box below for further details.

The resources in each category under the menu heading "Teaching and Learning" are organized by chapter. Click on any category on the right-hand side of the navbar to see the full navigation for that category. For each category under "Teaching and Learning" there is also an overview, which provides more detail about the nature of the material supplied for each chapter. Not all of the categories have material for every chapter.

The Teaching and Learning Resources relate directly to the book and include:

In addition to the resources supplied for each chapter we have provided some more general resources relevant to the whole book. These are found under the items in the central column of the navbar: there is an extensive online Glossary, sets of Hints and Tips on using the software, and a collection of Projects. There is also a selection of sample material from the book itself available under Sample Material.