Answers and Hints to Exercises

These are answers to the exercises in the 3rd edition of Digital Multimedia (published February 2009) only. Do not try to use them in conjunction with the 2nd edition. (Answers to the exercises in the 2nd edition are not available, please don't ask for them.)

We have provided sample answers to the Test Questions for each chapter, but these should not be taken as being in any sense definitive. In particular, we can offer no guarantee that our answers would satisfy any particular board of examiners.

The point of the Discussion Topics and Practical Tasks lies in discussing and doing them, so we cannot provide answers to these. Please do not ask for "sample solutions" for these: it is inevitable that some students would see these as being "correct" solutions, and we do not wish to convey that impression. Discussion Topics and Practical Tasks do not generally have a single correct solution. However, we have provided some starting points or hints to assist students in thinking about these topics and tasks.

If you do not find the answer to a Test Question adequate, you will always be able to find a fuller explanation of the topic in the chapter itself.

We hope that you don't need to be told that you should try to answer the questions for yourself before looking at our answers.

If you are a student, we assume that you will have access to course tutors and other sources of help in your college. We are sorry but we cannot provide individual tutorial assistance. However, if you think you have found a mistake in a question or its answer, then please let us know about it.