Examples for Chapter 15

pp. 588 and 596, XML Document and DTD

We have zipped together the sample document from p. 588 and the complete DTD listed on p. 596 that goes with it, and added a very small Ruby script that you can use to validate the document with respect to the DTD. Keep all these files in the same directory if you want to use the validation script. Try making some changes to the document and DTD, such as adding an optional field for the edition, and then check that your modified document still validates.

To use the validation script, you will need Ruby 1.8. with RubyGems, and libxml. (We do not know whether it will work on Windows.)

Download Zip archive file DMM3e-15-1.zip [3.3kB]

SVG Support in Web Browsers

The most recent versions of all popular browser provide a basic level of support for SVG. This is a fairly recent achievement, and support in older versions is patchy. Check the tables at the Can I Use... Web site to find out how well your browser supports SVG.