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Sample Material

We have prepared a sampler, comprising short extracts from each of the chapters in the 3rd edition of Digital Media Tools. This should be sufficient to give a general idea of the nature of the book and its special teaching and learning features – the "Try This" exercises and "Don't Forget" key points.

Chapters from Digital Media Tools, 3rd edition in PDF format to download can now be included in MacAvon Media Course Bundles for purchase by students from the MacAvon Media Downloads Store. Course bundles can be constructed by bona fide college lecturers or instructors through a MacAvon Media Lecturer’s Account. Lecturers’ Accounts also enable lecturers to obtain free evaluation copies in PDF format.

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You will need Adobe Reader, or some other program that can display PDF, to view the sampler.

Download the sampler [PDF, 756kB]

The full contents and the preface to the book may be read online or downloaded separately.

Lecturers and college instructors may request an evaluation copy of the book to assess its potential for use in college and university courses.